Tips To Save Money At Sam’s Club

Tips To Save Money At Sam’s Club
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Sam’s Club has it benefits and perks. Depending on your family size and budget; some may save more than others.

With any membership it is good to evaluate the benefits of renewing annually.

Below I have listed 15 tips to get the most out of your Sam’s membership…


  1. Shop with a list. Sam’s Club does not specialize in one particular product; therefore it is easy to overspend. You run in for cleaning supplies and come out with a surround sound system.
  2.  Compare prices. Check local stores and sale and determine if you are indeed saving buying in bulk. Like with any membership card, you need to make sure the numbers check out. Don’t assume that you’re making huge amounts of money simply because you happen to have a membership card. You need to compare the numbers between what you would normally spend and what you’re spending at Sam’s Club.
  3.  Check clearance. Yes, Sam’s have clearance. Check each department for mark downs.
  4.  Scratch and Dent. Open Book, and Displays in Electronics allow you to save 50% + on items that work perfectly fine.
  5.  Ensure that you have your current address on file. You will  receive mail from the store with additional offers.
  6. Check for instant savings. Instant savings price reductions are automatically electronically loaded to your membership card. Check out a few current instant savings here.
  7. Also opt out of warranties. Warranty cost can quickly rack up. Examine the product and determine if a warranty is worth the investment.
  8. Check deal sites like Groupon . They frequently offer Sam’s Club memberships at a significant savings.
  9. Skip the store. Shop online when possible. Sam’s offer free shipping on most items. No minimum purchase required.
  10. Free prescriptions. For certain medications, Sam’s Club offers no-cost prescriptions. You do have to have an upgraded Sam’s Plus membership to be eligible for five free prescriptions. You don’t need to be a member to use the pharmacy.There’s a law in many states requiring Costco pharmacies to be open to non-members. That’s great news because the savings on prescriptions can be immense.
  11. Look for discounted meat. Sam’s Club often clearances out some of its meat products in the morning, so that’s a good time to check for good prices on meat. If you find a cut of meat that you want to purchase but you want to split it up and freeze portions of it for future meals, don’t be afraid to ask the butcher at Sam’s for help. They will cut it to your specifications.
  12.  Share a Membership. If you find a friend to split the cost of the membership with you, you’ll both save and no one has to store or use everything you buy.
  13. Skip the cart. Fill up your arms instead. When Clark wants to limit impulse purchases at Costco, he’ll skip the monster-sized cart and only buy what he can carry in his two arms.
  14.  Be Willing to Buy Store Brand Products. One of the most interesting revelations from the retail industry is that store brands are just as good as name brands.
  15.  Shop on a guest pass. Click link to download and print free guest pass. Click here.



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