10 Tips For Easy Breezy Back To School Shopping

10 Tips For Easy Breezy Back To School Shopping

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Many kids are gearing up to head back to school.

Most parents are thrilled to have the electric bills decrease as well as the grocery bill.

With the return of school starting back comes the anxiety of back to school shopping.

I have listed (10) tips for easy breezy school shopping.

  1. Set a budget. Back to school expenses can quickly rack up. Review bills and finances to determine a reasonable amount to spend.
  2. Make a list. Review school websites for school supply list prior to heading to the store. Most items kids never use or can be bought later in the year.
  3. Inventory Closet. Now is a good time to determine which items can be washed and/or sent to laundry to re-use. Donate items that are too small to a local shelter/parent in need.
  4. Shop early. All parents are looking to save money and find the best deals. Early shopping helps you avoid the crowds and gives you better selections.
  5. Don’t take the kids. Kids can often cause you to overspend and build your frustration by picking up unneeded items. Unless your child had to try-on clothing, don’t take them.
  6. Maximize Deals. Look for stores that offer coupons, early bird specials, on-line deals, and other promotional discounts. This allows you to get the most bang for your buck.
  7. Shop On-line. Many retailers are offering FREE shipping on certain items as well as other promotions on their websites.
  8. Shop Used. If you are in the market for costly electronics such as computers and calculators with special functions, check your local pawn shops, Amazon and E-Bay for slightly used items.
  9. Shop Lightly Used. Check your local area for consignment shops. You will be surprised at the number of items you can find new and in great condition for a discounted price.
  10. Shop out of season. Summer is ending, therefore most store have marked down spring and summer clothing. Grab spring and summer apparel a size up and store them away 2019 seasons.


What are some of your shopping tips for parents?




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